Let’s Talk Transformation!

       Why is it that we want to transform ourselves constantly? Is it because we are never satisfied with ourselves? Is that such a bad thing? Let’s think for a moment on where that desire comes from. The moment we are conceived we are in a state of constant growth. Always changing! We don’t stay in one size our entire life: the clothes we wore when we were teenagers don’t fit us in our 30’s, the shoes we started to walk in didn’t follow us into adulthood, our families and friends have more than likely grown too. So, why can’t our minds change and grow? THEY CAN AND THEY SHOULD! Yes, when you are suffering with mental health disorders you may find yourself wondering why you can never just be satisfied. However, we need to realize that nothing in life is stagnant. The world is ever changing. In fact, it is important as humans, as a society to dig deep inside and allow ourselves to change and grow. 

Today make a vow to yourself to change one thing about your life that just isn’t making you the happiest you could be. Nooooo, I don’t mean for you to believe that it will happen today but manifest within you the gumption to make small changes or as I like to call them #tinytriumps. One small step leads to another small step and so on. Meanwhile, you are going to be on your way to a happier you, which leads to a better quality of life all around. When you are making the #tinytriumphs you are actually being mindful of your desires. Mindfulness is a huge importance in my life. It has done wonders for my anxiety and depression. It isn’t an easy task but it is oh so worth it. 

Take a goal and break it down into manageable chunks. While you are focused on changing things in your life there won’t be any room for the negativity you are trying to get away from. Don’t get me wrong distractions happen often and it can get frustrating. Stick with it and you can make anything happen. Follow me and I’ll show you why mindfulness is important and how you can achieve any goal.

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  1. This is a great way to encourage transformation! You’re 1000% direct we don’t fit in the clothing from our teen years, why would we want to keep our mind there?? Omg. I’m in!!

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