Vitamin D Deficiency

It’s been a while since I’ve posted to my blog. I first thought that there was something lacking with my medication or perhaps I was down because of the weather. I went to my doctor for a checkup because I was just feeling too low. Something needed to be done because I was too tired…beyond “I have a baby and I homeschool a 10yr old”. I was sleeping any moment I got and could barely function without yawning every 5 seconds. She ordered up a wellness panel and I had my blood levels checked for various things. Everything came back with good reports, EXCEPT for my vitamin d levels. They were supposed to be in the 80’s and mine came up at 11. Needless to say after doing some research, it all made sense. I was told to take supplements to see if it made any difference. It took ONE DAY for me to feel like a brand new person!!!! I was advised to look into the effects vitamin d (or lack of) had on the body. It is absolutely insane how much your body NEEDS vitamin d. The body has a hard time absorbing vitamin d naturally (eating vitamin d rich foods or pure sun exposure) and more times than not a supplement is needed.

If you are experiencing any of these things it may be worth checking your levels:

  1. Chronic Fatigue
  2. The “blues”, depression you can’t shake
  3. Chronic muscle aches or cramps
  4. Aches in your bones

Please be aware that there are many more symptoms but these are the most common. Vitamin d actually acts like a hormone in your body so absorption is important. As I said before it is difficult for the body to absorb it naturally. If you live in an area that is being hit hard by all of these winter storms and sunlight is not in the forecast then it is likely your vitamin d levels are taking a hit as well. If you’re like me and the sun hates you (hahaha – but really it does) then you are lathering sunscreen and wearing the biggest hat you can find. Then your body will not be soaking in that natural vitamin d because it is being blocked. However, I’m not saying it is best to go out in the sun unprotected, as that is very dangerous. If you are feeling more down than usual, take a leisurely stroll and soak in some of the sun’s rays (don’t lay in the sun unprotected) because it can potentially give you the boost you need. Otherwise, if you are feeling these chronic problems, get it checked out. I know it can seem scary going to the doctor sometimes but it may be as simple as adding more vitamin d to your life!

***I am VERY passionate about being proactive with your health. I fortunately have a doctor who trusts what I feel in my own mind and body to work with me as often as needed. My strongest advice is to find a doctor you are comfortable with and don’t stop looking until you’ve found one that works for and with you.

***I am NOT a doctor and can not diagnose anyone. I can only urge you to seek medical help if you are not feeling 100% healthy or happy. I advise anyone and everyone to listen to their body and see signs that may need to be looked at further. Visit a doctor when it is necessary…Do Not simply read my blog. Encourage others to do the same if you feel they need to seek medical help. It is better to have them feel bitterness toward you than for you not to speak up!

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