HGTV Lovers Assemble!

Sometimes do-it-yourself projects can be stress relieving or they can be stress inducing. As much as I love doing crafty things they can be stressful for me. My husband says he can tell if I’m manic because I’m usually redecorating or changing up something in the house…OR…Buying new things for the house 🙁 Guilty as charged. Although it’s usually indicative of me being manic, I do enjoy it as a creative outlet. Especially if I can manage to not let it take over my life lol. <—– That’s sometimes difficult to do because my mom is ALSO very big into DIY projects and I get a few phone calls a week about a new idea or a dozen lol. I’ll be sharing some of my better projects and perhaps if I’m brave I’ll share the fails too. I’ll keep it real.

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