Like many, many others I place a great value on family. I know that other people don’t make you the person that you are BUT I do think the elements around you make up pieces of your whole. For instance, I am a mom, wife, teacher, chef, aspiring blogger, etc. So, in essence I am made up of all those things. If it weren’t my family, I wouldn’t be half of those things. It may not work that way for everyone but it just so happens that those were my desires in life. If you do value family as much as I do, then follow along on our adventures. I’ll get candid about our life. You’ll get inside scoop on the bloopers, extreme cuteness, and hair pulling experiences. And if you’re more career oriented, that’s great too! Tag along for the laughs at least. We are all in different places in life and even as individuals we are never in the same place for long it seems. Let me know what you value most in life. Share your stories or maybe even what you like or learn from mine!

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