I am so glad that you are joining me! It is actually the perfect time to be a part of my blog community. Not entirely because it’s the beginning of the year but that does have a good bit to do with it. Cue the resolutions and pledges of “THE BEST YEAR EVER” because January is about renewal right? Meh, to be honest I have always desired to be the type of person who looks at a brand new year with fresh eyes (the sparkly, twinkly kind). Aglow with the possibilities of fit bods and clutterless living. Truth be told – no one crashes harder in January than I do. August – December are my time to shine. I love to celebrate traditions and I am a fall person. My perspective on life is crisp and enchanted with the fall/holiday season. Then comes drab, dreary January. Yes, the idea of turning your life around and working on a new, improved you is soooooo appealing! I have bipolar disorder, I am CONSTANTLY seeing the appeal of turning my life around. But it’s also a trigger for me. It gets overwhelming to try and figure out how life works sometimes. I crash and burn so many times a year trying to make it “THE BEST YEAR EVER” but I’m drawn to the idea so I succumb to it over and over again. Throw in a bit of bipolar and seasonal effective disorder (where your mood changes extremely with the seasons) and you can have disaster! This year though, January is different. It is extra special. Why, do you ask, is January special this year??? Well, my friends, I’ll tell you why. I set a goal. Not because it was January but because I got the gift of a blog for Christmas this year. I finally set up a domain and got myself some web hosting. All thanks to my sweet hubby who, even though has never seen me follow through with much of anything, believed in my talents and knew the true desire of my heart was to share my story with the world. January just seemed to fit with my timeline. It’s been a slow and tedious process because the only thing I know for sure is my experiences in life…I know nothing about this “blogging” thing. How hard can it be? Pretty hard if you’re doing it for more than just a creative outlet. First things first, I overwhelmed myself and that created trigger #1. Trigger #2 – that would be the fact that winter is one of my worst seasons emotionally. I’m either way down or way high (sounds like that would be good but in fact is very bad). Trigger #3 – my medication was slowly working less and less and I didn’t realize it until it was too late. Introduction of a mixed manic/depressive episode. If you’re not familiar with what that means, stick around and I’ll explain a lot of that here in my blog. The thing about being bipolar is that you constantly have to work on it. It’s a daily struggle to stay mindful of your body, mind, and emotions. You have to find some way of keeping track of things like how your medicine is working. I, forgot that this was an important step in keeping myself healthy. Good news has come from this though!! It’s a new year and I know that you’re just DYING to get started on a strict regimen of diet, exercise, and deep cleaning. LOL!! Really though, timing has worked out so perfectly. I started on new medication and have vowed to be more proactive in keeping myself mentally and physically healthy.

What does this mean for you? If you are anything like me and get overwhelmed by the “New Year, New You” hype I can help diffuse some of those anxieties that come with it. I’m starting fresh just like the rest of the world but the difference is I am taking my time. Starting with little goals, manageable lifestyle changes, and (fingers crossed) an accountability system. Join me in my journey to overcoming the mania and chaos in life. Let us come together to celebrate the #TinyTriumphs

Keep reading my blog to learn how I overcome these obstacles and share with you tips, tricks, and support in order for you to conquer your chaos or at the very least make your chaos beautiful.

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