How do I spell freedom? H-O-M-E-S-C-H-O-O-L

Our family chooses to homeschool for a number of reasons. I was never one of those moms who celebrated the end of summer. You won’t find judgement here though. If you are on of the “kids start school tomorrow, let’s get a 10 o’clock cocktail” moms, I ABSOLUETLEY get it. My oldest son is highly hyperactive and impulsive. Before he was diagnosed with ADHD, he would literally bounce off the walls. So, no judgement here. We all need a guilt free mommy break! I’m just a glutton (just a fun fact…my hubby proofread this for me and pointed out that I spelled glutton ->gluten<- pahahahahahah) for punishment and enjoy a random “Breaking News Update” of the same story about dinosaurs; in the middle of math 🙂

So, why do I call it freedom if I am surrounded by motor mouths, 20 questions, and scattered make-believe Lego worlds? BECAUSE THAT’S MY JAM!!!! And no one can tell me that sending my kids away for 7-8 hours a day is better than keeping them home to love on them and teach them myself. Some people are blessed with good school districts that they trust for their kids. Some don’t have the opportunity to homeschool. It’s fine because the only thing we are required to do as parents is love our kiddos and do what is best for our families. Moms, dads, caretakers, guardians, and grandparents…listen to me…if you base every decision you make on how it will affect your kid , then you are doing your job. That says to me that you LOVE them and want what you feel is best for them! (No matter where they go to school.)

We live in an era where classrooms are over crowded and test scores identify our children rather than their names. Our children are learning three different ways to answer a math problem but the answer is wrong if you don’t answer it all three ways. Teachers stop teaching months before a standardized test in order to make sure the students know how to TAKE the test. Those scores determine whether or not the school gets money!!!!

HELLO public school and state department of education! Don’t you know my son is a PRODIGY???????????????????????????????????? In Pokémon and Beyblades! Hahahahahahahahahaha

Seriously, Pokémon has extensive reading created by Japanese writers. Not to mention to play against others, your Pokémon have multipliers. Math, reading, and culture all while playing a game at home? Sign me up!! We have the freedom to learn however we want, where ever we want, whenever we want. It’s already hard to find time for family because we have to work to support them. Homeschooling allows us to spend more time together. It may not be for everyone but it works for us!

Do you homeschool? I’d love to know why you chose homeschooling. Why is it the right fit for your family?


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